Program Achieve

​A Social and Emotional Learning Curriculum

At St Peter’s we aim to educate the whole person—spiritually, intellectually, physically, socially and emotionally.  We focus our energies towards empowering young people to realise their full potential in Christ.  For our students to be successful as life long learners and experience well being, we need to build the social, emotional and motivational capacity of our young people.  To this end St Peter’s has embraced Program Achieve—You Can Do It Education.  Its main purpose is to identify the social and emotional capabilities which each student needs to be successful, experience well being, enjoy positive relationships and contribute to the community.  You Can Do It Education encourages prevention, promotion and intervention efforts to build the social and emotional strengths of each student.

The teaching of the five Foundations is central to the development of the student’s social and emotional capacities.  Included in this is Confidence (academic, social) Persistence, Organisation, Getting Along and Emotional Resilience.  Supporting and nourishing the five Foundations is the teaching of the twelve Habits of the Mind.  These include—Accepting Myself, Taking Risks, Being Independent, I Can Do It,  Giving Effort, Working Tough, Setting Goals, Planning my Time, Being Tolerant of Others, Thinking First, Playing by the Rules and Social Responsibility.  A key element of You Can Do It Education is to eliminate social and emotional difficulties (Blockers) which can interfere with young people’s learning and well being.

The integration of the values of Program Achieve is assured through the implementation of a wide variety of practices both in the classroom and school culture.  These practices are recognised through Awards, Displays, Integration in Learning, Assemblies, Art, Music, Drama, Behaviour Management and Parent Education.

St Peter’s values the partnership between parents, carers and the school.  You Can Do It Education reinforces this relationship by providing many and varied activities to support parents and carers in modelling and communicating the values and attitudes which enhance the social, emotional capacities of the students.

At St Peter’s we are committed to and believe in Program Achieve—You Can Do It Education, so that each student  “May have LIFE and have it to the FULL” John 10:10.

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​We encourage children to be
 their best possible selves
 by being proud of who
 they are and what
 they do.

In Christ We Achieve

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