Resource Centre

St Peter's School Resource Centre is home to our library, innovative learning spaces and a multitude of 21st Century teaching and learning resources.  Our friendly Resource Centre staff provide opportunities for students to engage in research, extend their learning and develop a love of literature.

This centre hosts many events and celebrations throughout the year and is always a hive of activity.

​Students at St Peter's enjoy lessons with our very experienced Teacher Librarian.  St Peter's extend their love of reading through library borrowing each week. This special ​time, reading together as a family, creates a stronger bond and strengthens literacy skills.


In an environment of faith, education and love, the school library aims to promote the intellectual, spiritual and social development of each student at St Peter’s so that they may reach their full potential.   In the school library, our staff members strive to meet the needs of all the members of our school community – from the students, staff and wider parish community.

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