Enrolment Policy

see also Enrolment Procedures

St Peter’s Catholic Primary School is a co-educational school catering for students from prep to year seven.  The Catholic ethos of the school will be maintained by its distinctive Catholic character and welcoming students and parents who support its policies.  Families are invited to participate in the life of the Parish.

Catholic students will be enrolled subject to placement availability and resources available to meet student educational needs. A non-refundable enrolment fee of $110.00 is required when lodging your application.

Students from other traditions will be welcomed and their beliefs respected.  Enrolment is subject to placement availability and resources available to meet student educational needs.

An Enrolment Support Procedure (as per Brisbane Catholic Education Centre Policy) will be initiated for students who present with particular needs.. refer Learning Support

Enrolment Criteria

These ten criteria will be used to assess your application.  All ten criteria are seen as important.  Current demographics indicate that demand for our services will place us under increased pressure both in terms of limited space and increased applications.  These criteria will assist us in determining who should be enrolled and will allow us a process for prioritising placements.  Applicants should read the parent handbook to familiarise themselves with school history, mission, beliefs and values.  Expectations in regard to participation, behaviour management and educational problems of the school are also clearly outlined in this handbook.

  • The parents of the applicant appreciate the Catholic identity of St Peter’s School and can articulate what they expect from a Catholic education.
  • The parents of the applicant have a clear understanding and acceptance of the behavioural expectations in this school, including issues relating to: Respect for each other and for staff (manners, addressing teachers and adults, hands off); Behaviour management procedures (three steps, consequences for inappropriate behaviour, coaching room, parent communication); uniform (no hat no play, respect for uniform, wearing correctly); Personal grooming (hair length and colouring, body piercing).
  • The parents of the applicant will ensure their child’s participation in all compulsory extra curricular programs as directed by the school - such as: excursions, interschool sport, concerts, camps etc.
  • The parents of the applicant will support the religious programs of the school.
  • The parents of the applicant regularly participate in the sacramental life of the Church tradition.
  • The applicant is baptised Catholic at least two years prior to enrolment.
  • The applicant's parents understand and accept the educational partnership of the home and school and that adversarial relationships are discouraged. They can articulate how this working together might work and can accept that the school and staff are to be treated and spoken about in a respectful manner in the presence of children.
  • The enrolling parents commit to promptly paying all school fees and levies and / or will contact the school and cooperate with the school if financial difficulties arise.
  • The parents of the applicant are willing to be involved in the community life of the school or parish. (For example- attendance at working bees, classroom assistance, tuckshop assistance, P&F involvement, excursion supervision, liturgies etc.)
  • The applicant has a sibling already attending the school/the parent is a past pupil of the school.

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