Daily Routine

​​​School Times

8.28am First bell - students line up
8.30am School Commences
10.30am to 11.00am  First Break Play
11.00am to 11.10 am First Break Eating​
1.10pm to 1.30pm  Second Break Play
2.50​pm School Dismissal
Parents are asked to wait in the undercover area or on the seats around Block D rather than outside the classrooms before the final bell of the day as children easily become distracted.


Before School - Staff are rostered to supervise from 8.10 am.

.Parents are encouraged not to send children earlier. Children who need to come earlier are to wait in the undercover area seated quietly with their bags and hats. No play equipment is permitted during this time and students should only be moving to the toilets or to the tuckshop to line up for breakfast club. All students eating toast should be seated. Students are not permitted to be on mobile phones before school.

Children travelling by bus are supervised at the bus stop each afternoon. Students should sit in their bus lines on the veranda outside G Block (Music Rooms) according to the number bus they are catching. When the bus number is called, students stand in a single line and wait at the gate for the bus to stop. Once the bus door is open the teacher will release students to alight the bus. No eating in this area after school. Students are not permitted to be on mobile phones. Students are required to follow the Code of Conduct as set by the Queensland Dept. of Transport. Bus Code of Conduct.pdf

Children waiting for parents are to wait inside the grounds at either Beerburrum Road or Margaret Street. No child is to cross the road before parents arrive. Children are to report to the office if not collected shortly after dismissal time. For everyone's safety children at Margaret Street, Church pick-up or travelling by bus have not been collected by the time the Teachers duty is completed, are to return to the office area and parents are asked to collect children from that area. 

Beerburrum Lights Students crossing at the Beerburrum Road traffic lights should be accompanied by an adult to cross the road. 


Morning Tea & Lunch Nutritional lunches are encouraged. It is important children are able to open their lunches. Tuckshop volunteers will not serve children with boiling water for noodles or heat up food brought from home for hygiene and safety reasons. All children are expected to be responsible for the disposing of their papers and food-scraps.
Munch & Crunch Break Classes break each morning for a short 10 minute break between 9.30am and 10am. This ‘Munch and Crunch’ break is to energise students. Students are to eat a small healthy fresh snack such as a piece of fruit or vegetable.