Parental Involvement


It is important for the benefit of the child that parents and teachers work in partnership with one another and support the values of the home and school.  Parents, as the first educators of their children, have the right and responsibility of educating their children in the faith and in taking pride in themselves, their family, school, parish and country.  Teachers, as formal educators, continue to partner parents in the child's education and build on to this grounding that parents have established.

Informal communication is always welcomed.  Parents wishing to meet with a teacher could either send a note with the child to arrange a time or phone the school secretary who will arrange a mutually convenient time.  Teachers are not available to discuss a child's progress during face to face teaching time in the class.  Parent-teacher interviews are held at the end of the first semester and written reports are forwarded at the end of the first and second semesters.

Parent Volunteers

Parents are invited to be involved in classes, excursions, tuckshop, library and working bees. Children enjoy their Mum’s and Dad’s involvement in the school whenever this is practical for you. Above all, parents’ greatest participation is in the home, taking time to communicate and show interest in what each child is discussing, reading or interested in.

Volunteers must register at the School Office and hold a Commission for Children and Young People and Child Guardian Blue Card. The required paperwork must be signed and returned before commencing volunteer work in the school. more....

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