P&F Association

​Purpose of the P&F
The St Peters Parents and Friends Association (P&F) plays a vital part in supporting the school community. It is a forum for parents to contribute suggestions and ideas that assist the principal's role of building a welcoming and supportive community.

The P&F is not a complaints forum. Grievances are to be directed to the classroom teacher or the Leadership team in accordance with the existing grievance procedures and parent code of conduct.
Events held by the P&F

The P&F is a not for profit team that are a necessary part of fundraising to provide extra resources at St Peter's School. This is achieved through a variety of events that the P&F arrange and run each year, some of which are listed below:

Family Fun Welcome Night (Term 1)Senior Disco ​(Term 3)
Mother's Day Stall (Term 2)
Father's Day stall (Term 3)
Junior Disco (Term 2 )

Prep Orientation (Term 4)

The P&F also arrange and run bi-annual events such as a Walkathon and a Spring Fair. The next Spring Fair will fall in 2021, with the next Walkathon in 2022.

Contributions from the P&F
Funds raised from these events are then used to provide resources that improve the daily life for students, teachers, faculty, and the school community. Examples of items contributed to the school as a result of P&F fundraising efforts are:​
Pool infrastructure including: Prep play area
     ~ Initial building and development Phonic ear program roll out to classes
     ~ Lane ropes Jumping castle
     ~ Pool covers Bain-marie
     ~ Roof Full dinner settings for Year 6
graduation dinner


Involvement in the P&F
These events would not happen without the help of volunteers. Every family at the school is automatically a part of the P&F and is invited to attend the regular meetings, events and help where possible. The level of involvement in the P&F is up to the individual and can range from being a committee member, attending meetings, or helping out when there is an event on.

Meetings are held once a month at 6.30pm in the staffroom. The majority of the meetings are on the first Tuesday of the month. Check the weekly newsletter for the upcoming meetings. Children are welcome to come to the meetings, but there is no supervision provided.

P&F Sports Funding
Did you know the P & F provide funding to assist parents in meeting the costs of student selection in teams for school sports?

 If your child has been selected to represent the district (Caboolture), the region (Sunshine Coast) or our state of Queensland in any School Sport you can apply to the P & F to receive financial assistance. Download  the P&F Sport Funding Application (or collect one from the office) to complete and return with verification of selection to apply for funding.