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In the event of a child's absence, a phone call is necessary from parents explaining the reason.   Please call on the St Peter’s Absentee Line, 5495 2020 and leave a message after the tone.
Continued or frequent absences are of concern and will be reported to the Leadership Team. Parents are encouraged to ring the School office to inform of a child’s absence for the day.

Early Departures

No child is to leave the school grounds during the day.  Any child leaving the School for a medical or dental appointment must bring a note signed by the parent.  Before the parent\caregiver collects the child, an Early Departure Slip must be obtained from the front office, and is then given to the teacher.  If a child arrives at school late, a Late Slip must be obtained from the office for the child to take to their teacher on arrival.


All enquiries concerning the administration of the school, the general running of the classroom or organisational systems operating in the school, should be directed to the Leadership Team who will either answer your enquiry or direct you to the personnel who can best help.
  • Enquiries, concerns, needs with regard your child should be first directed to your child's teacher.
  • Any enquiries concerning the structure, programming and implementation of Religious Education, or liaison between the school and parish, should be directed to the Assistant Principal—Religious Education or the Principal.

Lost Property

Our school policy requires all articles of personal property to be named. The marking of each article of clothing, books and other possessions with the child's name is essential, since this ensures the speedy return of any article lost or mislaid. Children and parents are encouraged to check Lost Property in the school office.

Workplace Health & Safety

The Workplace Health & Safety Committee comprises Staff and Parents with the Principal as Chair. The Committee is accountable to the Director of Catholic Education Centre and Workplace Health and Safety. The Principal is the Workplace, Health and Safety Officer while a member of staff is the Workplace, Health and Safety staff representative. See also Contractors