Student Health

 All prescription medicines must be sent to the office to be administered by Medical Room Staff. Asthma puffers are the only exception. These should be carried by sufferers at all times. All medication (including paracetamol, creams and drops) must have a Chemist label with the child’s full name and dosage on it. No medication will be given without it.

A Student Medication Request Form must be completed for medication to be administered to your child during school hours. It has been designed to ensure the safety of your child and to protect school staff who do not have medical training.

Where possible, medication should be administered to your child at home at times other than during school hours. Furthermore, for the Principal to undertake to assist in administering medication to your child, the following requirements must be met:

Your child’s medical practitioner must provide the information required in Section 1 of the form; All medication supplied to the school for your child must be in a container labelled by a pharmacist, showing the name of the drug, the “use by” date, the name of the student’s medical practitioner, the name of the student, the dosage and the frequency of administration.

Individual Health Care Plan

For students with a medical condition who require medication at school an Individual health care plan needs to be completed. 

For students with conditions such as Asthma an Individual Health Care plan may need to be completed by a medical ​practitioner.

 Individual Health Care Plan Form 

Exclusion Periods for Infectious Diseases 
Children may be excluded from school for various illnesses or infectious diseases. If you have any doubts regarding a child's condition, contact the Office for advice from Medical Room Staff.

Please refer to the Recommended Exclusion Periods for Infectious Conditions​ produced by the Australian Government's National Health & Medical Research Council. 

Children suffering from minor injuries are treated in the school's Medical Health Room. In cases of a more serious accident, the parents of the child involved are notified by telephone. When deemed necessary, children will be transported to the hospital by ambulance.

In cases of emergencies, and when a parent cannot be contacted, the School, acting on behalf of the parents, will assume the authority to take necessary action. It is extremely important that phone numbers and emergency contact numbers are kept up to date at all times.

Department of Health and Dental Services
You will be advised when the Department of Health and Dental Clinic will be available at St Peters.