Tuckshop is open from Wednesday to Friday.  The tuckshop convenor is supported by rostered parents, grandparents and friends. The convenor welcomes volunteers for this duty.  Children with more than $5 will be referred to the Leadership Team.

Qkr is a convenient way to place tuckshop orders online, providing a 24/7 payment and ordering system that can be accessed from home, work or a mobile device.  Online orders are faster and more accurate giving peace of mind that your order and payment is received accurately at the school.  

Introducing Qkr

Introducing Qkr by Mastercard (pronounced "Quicker"), the secure and easy way to order and pay for school items from your phone at a time and place that suits you.

  • The tuckshop will be replacing Flexischools with the Qkr program as of Wednesday 17 November, 2021. Flexischools will still be available and will be discontinued at the end of Term 4.

  • The uniform shop will be replacing the online order form with the Qkr program and will also start Wednesday 17 November, 2021.

CLICK HERE for more information on how to get started.


  • Order and pay for our child's lunches and uniforms reducing the need to bring cash to school;

  • Pay for a variety of school items;

  • See your receipts on the app and get them sent by email if required.