Fee Information

The Fees and Levies collected at St Peter’s School are used for the following purposes, which are essential in providing a high quality of education for your child/children.

  • Provide teaching, administrative and ground staff.
  • Provide essential resources, materials, facilities and equipment.
  • Maintain buildings, grounds and other facilities.

The St Peter’s School Parents & Friends Association also collect a levy through our fee structure.


Related Documents

Reminder Notices
A Reminder Notice is forwarded for accounts that are unpaid after the due date.  Should accounts continue to remain outstanding, a member of our Administration Team will make contact to discuss the outstanding fees.

Payment Difficulties
Sometimes, for reasons that are usually out of our control, an account cannot be paid by the due date.  If you are experiencing difficulties in paying your account, please contact the Bursar as soon as possible, preferably before the Due Date, to allow an extension of time or payments by instalments covering the arrears.

Overdue Accounts
It is easy to overlook an account in the rush of everyday life.  On rare occasions people fail to pay their account, do not respond to reminder notices and do not contact the School to make mutually satisfactory alternate arrangements.  In these cases the School is forced to engage the services of a professional debt collection agency.  Once accounts have been handed to the debt collection agency, the matter effectively passes out of the School’s control and all negotiations for payment must then be made with the debt collectors.  Your credit rating may also be affected.