Community Access

​Parent Portal

Parents can access our new Parent Portal by clicking the link below.
Please contact us for login information and support.


Parent-Teacher OnlinePTO_100__.png

Our Parent Te​acher Online Tool enables you to:

  1. Login and see all your children(s) teachers and classes 
  2. See which teachers are offering​ interviews, and select any teachers you want to meet with.
  3. Select interviews from a list of those available.
    The system can select interview times for you or you can select your own interview slots.

The booking process has been simplified and access to PTO is via the Parent Portal with no further sign-in required. Once bookings are open, log into the Parent Portal or BCE Connect and click the PTO icon as shown above.

Staff and Student Portal

Staff and Students can access the School Portal by clicking the link below.


Parents and Friends Site

Parents and Friend committee can access the Portal
For access to this site, please apply for an account here.

School TV​