Sports Houses

​​​​Our school houses are named after a person important for our school’s history and spirit. It is good for our children to know about the person their house is named after and to remember their qualities in serving God.  Our school house flags also feature floral emblems of local native plants.

​​MacKillop – Red

Blessed Mary MacKillop (1842 – 1909) began the Sisters of St. Joseph who founded St Peter’s in 1951. She was a great horse rider and would dare to ride in all kinds of weather if she needed to help someone. Mary always thought of others needs before her own.  Mary was a strong woman who had courage in standing up for what she believed to be the truth in every situation.  In 1992 Mary MacKillop was recognised as Australia’s first Saint.

Click here to learn more about aspects of Mary MacKillop’s life and her foundational beliefs.​

Coastal Banksia  - 
Banksia integrifolia 

​​​McGrath – Blue

Sr Juan McGrath (1914 – 1984) was a Sister of St. Joseph and a teacher.  We remember her because she was the first Principal of our school. As a Sister of St Joseph she taught in Townsville and many Catholic schools in Brisbane.  She worked hard with Fr Fitzgerald to establish St Peter’s School.  She was always  concerned that each student would become the best person they could become. She was known for outstanding honesty, justice and sincerity.

Swamp Bloodwood   -

Eucalyptus ptychocarpa 

​​​Fitzgerald – Green

Fr Gerald Fitzgerald (1909 – 1992) was the parish priest in Caboolture from 1949 to 1956. When he started his work here there were no Catholic Schools near this area at all and he made it his top priority to build a Catholic School in Caboolture. Fr Fitzgerald worked hard with Sr McGrath to establish St Peter’s School.  He had a great sense of humour and was always generous with time whenever people needed him.  He encouraged people to care for one another and organised social events to build up the community.

Green Wattle - 
Acacia concurrens

​​​Tenison – Gold

Fr Julian Tenison Woods (1832 – 1889) worked with Mary MacKillop to start the Sisters of St. Joseph.  As well as being a priest he was a clear thinking scientist, explorer and author.  He loved God and was friendly to all people. He  took every opportunity to serve people and the church and strongly believed in God’s love for all people and all creation.  A mountain is named after him, Tenison Woods Mountain, and is part of the D’Aguilar range near Mt Glorious.