Our School Logo

logo.jpgThe logo for St Peter’s School identifies our school as belonging: in Caboolture, to a Catholic parish community, as a Catholic primary school and under the patronage of Saint Peter.  It links us with our past, our community and our future.

The snake in our logo identifies our school as belonging in Caboolture. It is the carpet snake Kabulor the Rainbow Serpent. The name “Caboolture” is derived from local Aboriginal words meaning “Place of the Carpet Snake”. The snake links us to our place – Caboolture and to the original inhabitants – the Kabi Aboriginal people. The snake is also the Caboolture River that winds its way through our area and links the communities from which our students come – from Woodford to Beachmere and Bribie Island.

The Celtic cross identifies our school as belonging to a Catholic parish community. It refers to Christian traditions and of course represents Jesus Christ as being central to our community.  The artistic representation of the cross places it in relationship to the figures but also looking upward and outward. The Celtic cross is also a central feature of our school badge.

The figures identify St Peter’s as a Catholic Primary School. They represent the people in our community – the large and the small closely linked. The ‘older’ figure is in close relationship with the child and is reaching out to the wider community. It is the ‘child’ in the logo however that points to Jesus in the same way that our vocation in serving our children points to Jesus.

The fish identify our school as being under the patronage of St Peter. They refer to the Gospel story of the call of Peter the fisherman and the large catch of fish that Peter caught with the help of Jesus (Lk 5:1-10). We are some of the people that Jesus promised Peter he would ‘catch’!

The elements of our logo link the St Peter’s School community to our Catholic traditions and future. Our school colours feature against the yellow of a rising sun that provides a background for the logo and represents our future. It is the cross of Jesus and the child that point to and lead us into the future.

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