Our Patron & Special Celebrations

​​​​​​​ST PETER is the Patron saint of the School and Parish.

Peter was one of the Twelve Apostles who Jesus chose as his original disciples.  We read many accounts of Peter’s life in the NewSt Peter.PNG Testament Gospels and the Acts of the Apostles.

Peter was a Galilean fisherman, originally named Simon.  His name was changed to Peter, meaning the rock.  He is often depicted being given special roles of responsibility and leadership from Jesus.

After Jesus; death and resurrection Peter continued Jesus’ work and is recognised as the first Pope.  Saint Peter is often referred to as “the rock on which the church was built”.  His feast day is celebrated on 29th June. As his feast is celebrated by the church during the schools winter vacation, the school honours St Peter at the end of the first semester.

ST JOSEPH is a special patron of the school as the school has been in the care of the Sisters of St Joseph since 1951. St Joseph is the Patron Saint of the Sisters of St. Joseph. His feast is celebrated on 19 March.

MARY MACKILLOP, with Fr Tenison Woods, was the foundress of the Sisters of St Joseph. On January 19, 1995, Mary MacKillop was declared BLESSED - Australia's first Saint. Mary MacKillop became Sister Mary of the Cross at Penola, South Australia in 1866. After small beginnings in a school building that had been a stable, the sisters (Sisters of St Joseph, the Congregation Mary founded) moved to the capital city, Adelaide, and there their numbers grew rapidly. Before long their work of charity had spread to other parts of Australia and New Zealand. Besides primary schools for which no money was asked, they cared for anybody in need, orphans, old people, young women in danger, the friendless of all ages.

Mary's public achievement is an historical fact in Australia, but for those who knew her personally the most striking thing about her was her kindness. She was a great believer in encouragement, urging people to be kind and united. In everything she did or said, she showed respect and love for those around her, making no distinction between the rich, the high-born, and the influential on the one hand, and the lowly, the jailbirds, and the outcasts of society on the other.

Love was the soul of her virtues, "always ready to make allowances and to endure whatever comes" (1 Cor. 13:7). That love of God filled her heart and overflowed to all those around her, but it was especially tender towards anybody in trouble.

Cardinal Angelo Felici, Prefect
Archbishop Edward Nowak, Secretary
Congregation for the Causes of Saints


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