Tuckshop is open on the following dates:

  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday



  • First orders close at 8:00am
  • Late orders close at 9:00am

You are able to order your student's tuckshop using a brown paper bag with your child's name and class written on the bag. 

If you wish to order for both breaks: 

  • Please use separate bags for each break

  • Please do not sticky tape or staple the bag closed

  • Place money in the bag

Correct change is appreciated, however, we do give change. We do not take any responsibility for lost change.

Online ordering is available at:

www.qkr.com.au or using the Qkr! app, available for download in the Apple Store App or Google Play App.

Qkr! by MasterCard (qkrschool.com)

  • Please ensure that you have updated your child's Year Level and Class for 2023.
  • Please place orders before 8:00am daily.

Tuckshop Helpers:​

The Tuckshop Convenor is supported by rostered parents, grandparents and friends. The Convenor welcomes volunteers for this duty.  Volunteer Induction is required to be completed. Please refer to Volunteering Information.

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