Learning at St Peter's

​​​What we believe about LEARNERS
  • All learners have unique gifts and abilities.
  • Learners are creators of knowledge.
  • Learners grow in knowledge about faith through immersion in Catholic traditions and active religious education.
  • Learners benefit from effective collaboration and communication.          
SPCP221025-1822SM.jpgWhat we believe about LEARNING​
  • Experiencing success motivates learners.
  • Through inquiry learners develop their natural curiosity and thirst for learning.
  • Learning occurs through interactions with the world.
What we believe about LEARNING COMMUNITIES
  • Learning environments nurture and encourage lifelong learning.
  • Positive affirming environments help learners grow in self esteem, respect for themselves and other.                                                                                                                                                                                             ​
  • The members of a learning community are responsible for the wellbeing of their community.​
  • Learning communities encourage the development of positive self-identity and foster a sense of belonging.
As a Learning Community we at St Peter’s Primary School value:
  • Stewardship and appreciate the diversity and beauty of God’s creation.
  • Communication and collaboration between all members of the school community.
  • The Gospel values of Courage, Hope, Reconciliation, Justice, Faith, Community, Love, Service, Humility, ​Compassion, Peace and Patience.
  • In the tradition of Mary MacKillop the community of St Peter’s values Christian Living, Learning, Safety, Inclusivity, Community and Social Justice.
These beliefs and values about learning and learning communities will be our cornerstone of all discussions on all levels of curriculum and teaching pedagogy. It is easy to dismiss such rhetoric as inconsequential, but I can assure you that these statements are referred to very frequently. Before we make changes in practice or policy at any level, these are the values that we reflect upon.
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