School Projects Update

​Multipurpose Court Project:

At this point in time we will start using the Multipurpose Court facility some time next week! I have not received the Certificate of Practical Completion, but we are hoping to be able to start using the court next week. Students accessing Area 3 at break times will have use of the new Multipurpose Court. Timetables for this have been amended. The main change to our school will be to our lining up procedures in the morning.

New Before School Procedure...(when we start using the court)

  • When students line up in their year level lines each morning before school, markers will be set up on the Multipurpose Court to denote class lines. A teacher will be on duty early each morning as children arrive on the court.

  • Students who access Breakfast Club will collect their toast and then sit in the old undercover area (outside the Tuckshop). Once they finish their toast, students will then move across to the new Multipurpose Court area. A teacher will be on duty in the morning to supervise Breakfast Club and to direct students across to the Multipurpose Court.

  • The new Multipurpose Court space will be used for all future whole school gatherings, assemblies, etc.

We are very excited that the Multipurpose Court space will be ours to use soon! We will have an official opening and blessing later in the year at a date and time to be advised. We will keep you posted.

​Swimming Pool Renovation:

The critical work has been postponed to January 2023. This is very disappointing news for us and out of our hands as the contractor has huge overruns with their current projects.​

Margaret Street Houses:

We are still waiting for approval, for removal of the houses, from the Moreton Bay Regional Council. The removalist is ready to move these houses once the Council gives the go ahead. The vacant space will be prepared to be an open student play space in 2023.​