Safety Alert - Beerburrum Road Traffic Lights

Since the start of the 2022 school year we have had a number of incidents occur where reckless drivers have driven through a red stop signal at the pedestrian traffic lights on Beerburrum Road directly opposite the St Peter's Administration building. On a few of these occasions, pedestrians (including our precious kids and community members) using the lights have been narrowly missed by cars moving through these lights.

A good number of St Peter's parents/carers use the car park on the eastern side of Beerburrum Road along the railway line and this is an approved and efficient place to undertake the school drop off and pick up each day. I would strongly urge all parents/ carers who use this car park to accompany their children across the Beerburrum Road traffic lights. It is also important for everyone using the crossing to carefully look up and down road as they cross to check that all vehicles are stopping appropriately at the red signal.

​It is frustrating and disappointing that we need to encourage this more extreme level of care at a designated pedestrian crossing but the care and safety of our students, staff and families is vital.