Book Week 2023

Students have been thoroughly engaged in Book Week this year and I’d like to thank all staff and students for their efforts in bringing Book Week alive at St Peter’s. At our school we take a different approach to Book Week where we create costumes/ accessories related to a book of study that is happening in class. This approach:

  • deepens the students’ understanding of the book that they are reading and learning.

  • deepens the students’ ownership of their costume as they have created it themselves

  • allows students to respond creatively to the text that they are reading in class

  • ensures that ALL students can participate in Book Week and everyone is included.

  • keeps the focus on books and characters of books, rather than random unrelated characters

  • reduces pressure for families to purchase a costume each year

Our approach does add more work to the teachers and school officers, but we believe that the extra work is curriculum and book related and therefore important. I thank the teachers and school officers for their work preparing students.

We are always looking to refine our processes and approach to every aspect of school life and this includes Book Week. We would appreciate your feedback around our approach to Book Week.

We had a brilliant time celebrating all things reading on Monday afternoon and I’d like to thank Mrs Diana Rose our Teacher Librarian for all her work organising this week’s Book Week extravaganza. Thank you Mrs Rose!

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