Contractor Information

Re: Workplace Health & Safety

dangersign.gifSchools are busy and constantly changing environments. Children are by their nature inquisitive and they do not always evaluate the consequences of their actions. It is therefore critical that risks arising from contract work are managed to ensure children, as well as other members of the school community, are protected from harm. This will require action from both the contractor and the school to adequately plan contract work, to communicate effectively during the work and to remain ever vigilant in assessing and managing risks.

All contractors undertaking work at St Peter's Catholic Primary School must ensure that they receive a copy of the relevant Contractor Workplace Health & Safety Pack.  (Please contact the school office to obtain the appropriate pack.) The document needs to be read and understood by you so that your company may undertake work at our school.

This pack complies with the procedure recommended by the Archdiocese of Brisbane, Catholic Education for managing the potential health and safety risks associated with contractors working in schools.

For long-term or regular contractors, such as cleaners or electricians, this pack must be re-issued every twelve months, and the Contractor Induction Register signed accordingly.

Should you have any queries in relation to the Pack please contact the Principal on 5495 2266 or email the school at

Access Procedures
When working on the school site, contractors shall report to the office and sign in prior to commencing work each day. A badge will be issued which must be worn at all times. Contractors shall return the badge and sign out before leaving the site each day.

Emergency Evacuation

The emergency evacuation signal is the sounding of a siren for approximately one minute. The designated assembly area is the oval. You must report to the school contractor liaison person. Click here for Site Map showing Evacuation Route.

Site Plan

A site plan is available from the school office.