Year 6 Leadership Camp

Last week, our Year 6 students attended a leadership camp at Maroochy Waterfront. This camp experience built upon their skills as leaders and the way in which they work collaboratively as a team. The students were very excited as they engaged in a range of activities including Dragon Boating, Stand-Up Paddle Boarding, Kayaking, an Amazing Race, affirmations, team challenges and reflections.

Here's what some of our students had to say ...

  • At the Year 6 Leadership Camp at Maroochy Waterfront we did a variety of activities to help us build our teamwork and communication skills with our peers. Character Builders helped us build skills that will be relevant in the future as leaders. Our favourite activity was Stand-Up Paddle Boarding which we excelled at. The other water activities included Kayaking and Dragon Boating. We also did an Amazing Race which comprised of six challenges: Slingshot Catching, building a cup pyramid blindfolded, Ping Pong Pipeline, Keep it Up, Peas and Carrots and Bucket Head. Thank you to Maroochy Waterfront Resort and Character Builders for helping this camp happen. Thank you also to the teachers for allowing us to have a camp this year, even when Canberra was cancelled. 

  • We arrived at the leadership camp with smiles on our faces. The activities made us better leaders and made us more social. For dinner we had spaghetti and for dessert we had ice cream with caramel and chocolate toppings. After that we did an activity called Big Ups which boosted our self-confidence by sharing affirmations about one another. The next day we had an Amazing Race which made us socialise with others who we don’t talk to a lot. We also did stand up paddle boarding and kayaking which built how we work in teams and trust others. That night we had a movie night and we watched The Lorax and did trivia. 

  • At Maroochy River Camp our grade had a great camping experience! We learnt to socialize with one another and enjoyed many team building activities helping us all work together to achieve our goal and communicate with each other. The year 6 cohort had our own cabins with two to three people in each of the cabins. I was in a cabin with Brock and Ashley. Our cohort travelled there mainly to learn about leadership qualities and how to step up as leaders.

    At Maroochy Waterfront Camp there were a variety of activities available for our grade. These activities kept everyone fit and healthy for the whole two and a half days. The first event was Dragon Boat Racing! This specific event was lots of fun because we got to squirt a whole bunch of water guns at the opposing teams. There were three teams, jade, blue and pink. By the end of the race my boat (Jade) won!  The second event was stand up paddle boarding! This event was the best activity out of them all in my opinion. On the stand-up paddle boards we were in groups of two and just relaxed by the waterfront. Our grade experienced a fun and chill time there.

    The last events of the day were nighttime activities where our character builders (Liam, Lucy and Dante my favorite) hosted. Liam, Lucy and Dante helped our grade with conversation skills throughout the 2 days. The events they hosted were the big ups (a compliment game) and conversation circle (we had to talk to different people in our circle) I didn’t favor those activities but at the end we had a movie night! We watched The Lorax for the night.

    Overall, The Year 6 Leadership camp was a great success for everyone. I would recommend the experience for the year fives in 2022.