Tuckshop Review and TUKKR Trial

We are in the process of defining the terms of our tuckshop trial and coordinating a team to
conduct this trial over the coming months. We will be trialling this as an option on Mondays
and Tuesdays.

tukkr2.jpg​TUKKR is an online food service that delivers to our school. This concept was discussed and approved for trial at our February P&F and Board meetings.

Details of this service are included below
  • ​Tukkr is open now for orders on Monday and Tuesday each week, from Monday 1 April 2019. Visit www.tukkr.com.
  • The menu will be updated throughout the year with healthy meals sourced from local restaurants. Check out the initial tasty offerings already online as an appetiser of what to expect. Other items will be added as we go.
  • Please note that orders need to be placed BEFORE 8:00PM on the night prior.
  • ​You can order now for multiple weeks in advance if you wish and our school (along with children’s charity SchoolAid) will be sharing a percentage of sales so Tukkr will help us deliver our resources as well.
For more information about Tukkr, please Visit www.tukkr.com.