St Peter is the Rock

It is most important that high standards and school expectations are established at the beginning of the school year. School staff will be enforcing appropriate uniform, hair and jewellery expectations. These are detailed in the parent handbook which can be found on the Parent Portal. All parents agreed to support these expectations at the time of enrolment.

​Over the last eighteen months our staff have been engaged in a review of our approach to behaviour support. Currently we are exploring an approach focussing on establishing positive behaviours that support student learning (PB4L). Part of our journey has been a review of our school rules or values. Whilst our school values have not changed, they have been reframed to be more obvious and meaningful in the variety of school contexts.  These rules now form the ‘ROCK’ on which our school is based. They also make the connection to our St Peter’s charism and our Catholic Faith as Jesus told St Peter that he would be the ‘Rock on which he would build his Church’.

Our ‘ROCK’ values:

Responsibility - Our Learning - Care of self and others - Keeping safe and well


​New signage has been placed around the school that defines these expectations in each of the different school contexts. Classes will be developing their Class Covenants based around the ‘ROCK” values. These will be presented to the school community during this Friday’s 8:30am liturgy. All parents are welcome.