ROCKstars of the Week

​Congratulations to our ROCKstars of the week who were presented with their certificates at assembly on Monday.

Our 2020 Theme ‘INSPIRE’ is our touchstone this year and these students have inspired us by the way they have lived out our school ROCK Values. Congratulations and thanks to these Inspirational students.

Recognising those students who make a habit of doing the right thing

So many of our wonderful students take pride in upholding our school expectations each and every day. Often the consistency and reliability of these students goes unnoticed. In order to highlight the difference these students make to our community we have introduced a system by which teachers, school officers and school leadership can issue a ticket to any students demonstrating one of our ROCK Values. This ticket is issued noting the student name, class, date and reason for issue (which ROCK value). These tickets are tallied by the class teacher so that at any stage the number of tickets per student is easily determined. This ticket is then to be taken home to be shared with parents so that families too can acknowledge their positive efforts. For each ten tickets a different coloured ROCKBAND (armband) is presented to the student to highlight the successful way they are living our school expectations and demonstrating leadership. Students are encouraged to proudly wear these different coloured ROCKBANDS with the school uniform so that they are an example to others.