Prep 2022 Enrolments

​We have now met and welcomed three quarters of our 2022 Prep Class with the third of our four Prep Orientation sessions held on Tuesday. Our thanks to the Prep team for facilitating such a supportive and welcoming process. This orientation process has allowed a more personalised and supportive orientation to our school. We look forward to greeting our fourth and final group next Tuesday. 2022 Prep parents will join us for a Parent Information session on 25 November, thank you to the P&F for providing refreshments for this event.

During our orientation sessions, each 2022 Prep student receives a special pack, containing:​

  • A St Peter’s calico library bag

  • An alphabet desk plate, to encourage letter knowledge and name writing

  • ‘Good Night, Sleep Tight’- a picture book used extensively in the first weeks of Prep when learning about rhyme and other concepts of phonological awareness.

  • Information about St Peter’s including fee schedule, OSHC and Parent Code of Conduct

  • 2022 book list

  • High frequency words

At the conclusion of the morning, our new Preppies also receive a special certificate that welcomes them to our St Peter’s Community.

Upon confirmation of enrolment this year, 2022 Prep families received an important booklet detailing information relevant to a successful start to schooling. It outlines tips for the first day of school, successful transitions, lunchbox recommendations and skills that are necessary for a child beginning Prep. 

More information about what we are learning in Prep over the year can be found here. I encourage you to take a look, as these will be skills that Prep children learn during their first year of school. Infor​mation for parents.​ The Australian Curriculum – Foundation Year. (

Our St Peter’s Prep team are excited to host a ‘Meet and Greet’ information afternoon on Thursday 25 November, where Prep families will learn the class that their child will be in and meet their 2022 teacher. This will be a great opportunity to say a big ‘Welcome’ to our 2022 Prep community. Families will also get to visit their child’s classroom and hear about how to best support a successful transition to ‘Big School’ next year.

​If you know of any families who are hoping to join our community with a Prep student in 2022, please encourage them to enrol online at our school website or contact the school office on 5495 2266.​