Parent Summit - 29th October

​Each year the St Peter’s community hold a Parent Summit. The Parent Summit is a process through which the school Leadership Team and teachers share the school’s latest teaching  approaches and learning opportunities with parents. Research has shown that if parents can be informed and engaged in what their child is learning at school, the effect on the child’s academic achievement is vastly improved. At St Peter’s we would like our parents to be ‘engaged’ with the learning process as well as be ‘involved’ in the life of the school.

​At the same time at the Parent Summit we present aspects of school life being reviewed and ask for parent input to determine our level of achievement in these nominated areas. Catholic education is very serious about reflecting on performance and aims to continually grow and improve its delivery and service.

​This year the Parent Summit will be held on the evening of Tuesday 29 October at St Peter’s Primary School. I see this as an ideal opportunity for families to better understand the culture of continual improvement at our school, its context and to experience the passion of our teachers for learning and teaching. Tentative agenda items include: Welcome, Goal Review, Facilities Master Planning Community input, School Mathematics (NuMa) Strategy, Effective English Practices, Domains for School Improvement – Community input. 

​Two parents from each class will be approached by their child’s teacher to be the class representatives at the meeting. These parents will be asked to prepare a written report, thoughts and reflections, to all parents in the class who were unable to attend. However, attendance is not limited to just the class representatives, in fact we would like every parent to feel welcome and to participate in the process. 

​If you would like to attend, the leadership team invite you to email Jenna Wathen at​ and register your interest. Please give this serious consideration and help us continue to improve. We look forward to working with you on 29 October.