NAPLAN is a common measure for all Australian students that provides evidence of literacy and numeracy achievement and progress at system, school and student levels. It is a test of reading, writing, language conventions (spelling, grammar and punctuation), and numeracy, that are taught explicitly through the Australian curriculum and developed over time. NAPLAN is the only nationally, consistent measure to determine whether or not students are meeting important educational outcomes.

NAPLAN assesses literacy and numeracy skills that students have already learnt through the school curriculum. In addition, teachers will ensure that students, are familiar with the test formats and are supported to become Assessment Capable Learners.

Assessment capable learners refers to students who:

  • are aware of their current knowledge, understandings and skills
  • understand their next steps for learning
  • select relevant resources and tools to guide their learning
  • seek feedback and recognise mistakes as opportunities to learn
  • monitor their own progress and adjust their next steps as needed
  • recognise what they have learnt.

Focusing on developing Assessment capable learners builds resilient and lifelong learners who have the confidence and skills to demonstrate their knowledge, understanding and proficiencies across all learning areas and in real world situations, including assessment environments. Continuing to grow the engagement, progress and achievement of students through effective pedagogy and responsive learning and teaching cycles is key.


2021 NAPLAN Online testing will take place over a two week window (May 11-21) to benefit student performance. The exact test schedule will be communicated early Term 2 and will be completed in the order of Writing followed by Reading, then Language Conventions and finally Numeracy. Students will complete one test per day. All four tests will be completed online for all Year 3 and Year 5 students except for the Year 3 Writing test which will be paper based.

NAPLAN Online will provide better assessment with more precise results, a faster turnaround of information (from 2022) and a more engaging test for students. NAPLAN Online is a tailored test that adapts to student responses.

All Year 3 and Year 5 students at St Peter’s will participate in the Coordinated NAPLAN Online Practice Test on Thursday 25 March.

Please see the link below to the website where additional information can be located including links to NAPLAN Online demonstration tests where students can view the sorts of ICT skills that are used in questions, they encounter with NAPLAN Online.

NAPLAN Online – information for parents and carers