Japanese Students to Visit St Peter's

This term our school will once again be welcoming students from Seika Primary School, Japan, for a cultural exchange experience. This is the third time we are receiving students from this school, and the previous years’ visits were a great success.

A major component of this visit is Home Stay, which is an opportunity for the Japanese student to stay with a local family and have a taste of Aussie life. It is a rewarding, enlightening and enjoyable experience for the whole family, and a wonderful way to befriend someone from overseas.

​We are seeking families who would be interested to host these students (9/10/11 year old) for a short stay between 6 August and 11 August 2018 (5 nights).

Families from Prep to Year 6 are welcome to apply (i.e. your child does not have to be the same age as the students) and our wish is for the majority of these students to stay with St Peters’ families to truly experience our community.

​Interested families will receive an introductory session with a Home Stay support person, have access to a 24/7 support line, and receive a non-taxable payment to cover the cost of providing three meals per day, school drop off/pick-ups, and normal household utilities. 

If you would like to be part of this exciting program, please contact Home Stay ​Coordinator Michelle Noffke on 0402 888 970 or homestay@calcc.qld.edu.au.

Japanese Teacher Experience
We also have the opportunity to host a Yokohama Teacher placement 14 to 23 August inclusive. we participated in this program in 2017 and a wonderful family from St Peter’s welcomed the teacher into their home. We are looking again for a homestay family for the teacher from Yokohama. If you can assist please contact Home Stay Co-ordinator Michelle Noffke on 0402 888 970 or homestay@calcc.qld.edu.au

​Thank you again for the great support of this cultural exchange program that allows Japanese students to experience the warmth and kindness of our St Peter’s community.