Development of Early Reading Skills

Our Early Years have been focusing on the development of oral language as a pre-requisite to the successful development of early reading skills. Effective literacy learning occurs in classrooms where speaking, listening, reading and writing are integrated and developing side by side. Our Prep students can be seen participating in deliberate learning experiences that require the students to engage in conversation, for example barrier games, role play etc.

When considering reading readiness some of the things teachers look for are:

Does the student…

  • Distinguish between text and image

  • Understand directionality

  • Know the difference between letters and words

  • Know most of the letters of the alphabet

  • Know some sounds, especially initial consonants

  • Actively participate in shared reading

  • Spends time reading and noticing some details of print

  • Explore print around their environment

  • Notice the same word appears in many contexts

  • Links sounds with symbols they write

  • Return to their favourite books

  • Talk about information from texts they have read

Reading and talking about books with your children is not only a wonderful way to spend time with them but is also one of the best ways to support them in their early reading journey.