COVID Restrictions

​Our capacity to continue to prioritise having parents journey with us and be involved in community activities is dependent upon our compliance with current Qld Health and BCE guidelines. Whilst these are subject to change at any time, we ask parents to comply with the following:

  • Do not attend our school site if you are unwell or have any cold/ flu like symptoms
  • Please register your visit via the QR code at school entrances
  • Ensure social distancing from all non family/ household members
  • Visitors should not gather in groups
  • Carry a mask and wear when social distancing is not possible
  • Limit to six parents in any room at one time- please wait outside classroom until numbers allow access
  • Please be considerate of parents waiting and keep classroom visit brief
  • Use hand sanitiser on entry

Recent events have shown us that expectations and restrictions can change at any time. Some parents have expressed concern that the use of QR codes and social distancing is being ignored. We ask that our community remain vigilant to ensure we are able to continue to welcome parents and visitors onto school grounds. Your understanding and compliance with these expectations is appreciated.

Assemblies and Parent Gatherings on School Grounds

Covid restrictions continue to impact our capacity to have families present for school events. At this stage it is necessary to cap numbers to ensure that our record keeping and social distancing of adults meets requirements. To this end we are not yet able to offer open invitations to assemblies and other school activities. This Friday 5th February  is our Covenant Liturgy and while we establish routines, this assembly will be for students only. Next week we will hold our Year 6 Ministry assembly to which our Year 6 parents will be invited. Subsequent Friday assemblies will be via invitation so that parents whose children have a role (class running assembly) or are receiving an award, will be advised in advance so they can attend if available. Whilst we work towards establishing the ‘new normal’ we ask that your presence within the school grounds is ‘purposeful’ to limit the number of parents on site at any one time. We also ask that parents refrain from gathering outside classrooms at pick up time. If there is a need to enter the school grounds for a student pick up or other purpose, please wait outside the school gates until after the bell. Your cooperation with this is greatly appreciated.