Brisbane Writers Festival

On Friday 20 St Peter’s students attended the Brisbane Writers Festival. Students wrote a letter to Mr Surawski in order to persuade him that they should be chosen to represent St Peter’s. Many wrote about how they would be inspired by the authors who would motivate the students to improve their own writing. The students chosen to represent St Peter’s at the festival should be congratulated for inspirational writing that got them there.  They were accompanied by Miss McIntyre and Miss Green and by all accounts an amazing day was had by all. I have a few excerpts, from the student notes, made on the day.

“Brisbane is a fun space to be in, in the city, but you can get lost here. Right now, I am at the Brisbane Writers Festival. I am very glad that I’m here and proud that I made it in. But also proud of the students who didn’t make it but had a go and tried their best…. I’m looking over the water and it’s very beautiful.” Anna

“The Brisbane Writers Festival was an amazing opportunity to hear from real authors. With a few long train rides, we eventually got to South Brisbane Station.” Lily 

“The comedian, Oliver, said play eight hours of video games a day because it helps to become a writer. Joe (Some people always hear just what they want to hear).”

“Oliver Phommavanh is a hilarious comedy author. Oliver told us all about how he started writing and he gave us some tips to help our writing too. He also told us the hilarious story of him growing up with his embarrassing parents. Both authors were very inspirational. All in all, the Brisbane Writers Festival was amazing!” Lee, Jack, Grace, Rosemary and Kelly ​