Back to School for 2020

School will commence on Wednesday 29 January 2020. 

Swimming will commence in Week 2 of Term 1 next year and teachers will provide information regarding days and times in the first week of the school year. 

Please save the date for 2020 Parent Information Evenings. These sessions will be held in Week 3 of Term 1. The evenings are an opportunity to meet your child’s teacher and to learn about the expectations and routines of the classroom. We look forward to seeing you all in Week 3.

Again in 2020, specialist lessons will be of 40 minutes duration, first break will continue to be at 10.30am and lunch at 11.00am and second break will be at 1.10pm. We will continue our fruit break at approximately 9.30am, please keep in mind that this break is for fresh fruit or vegetable only.