Back to School Information

School will commence on Wednesday 30 January 2019. Our new bell times will mean students need to be a school a little earlier as the first bell will go at 8.28am and second bell at 8.30am for the commencement of learning. In the afternoon the bell will go at 2.55pm. ‚ÄčThis will mean that teachers are on duty from 8.20am and in the afternoon until 3.15pm. Please ensure that you collect students promptly by 3.15pm.

In 2019 specialist lessons will be of 40 minutes duration which has required the change in timetable for the day. First break will be at 10.30am and lunch at 11.00am and second break will be at 1.10pm. We will continue our fruit break at approximately 9.30am, please keep in mind that this break is for fresh fruit or vegetable only.