A Reflection on Learning in 2021

As we rapidly approach the end of the year; it is timely to reflect on all the wonderful learning that has taken place throughout 2021 at St Peter's. We began the year focusing on developing high quality Australian curriculum aligned teaching and learning experiences that reflected where the students were at in their learning and their next steps. In addition, we placed a spotlight on developing assessment capable learners. Teachers participated in professional learning to support them to build the skills in students that allowed them to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding. From here we narrowed our focus, with an explicit improvement agenda of developing problem solving skills in numeracy. It has been wonderful to be in classrooms and see the students so engaged and challenging themselves to apply the skills they have learnt throughout the year. Students from Prep- Year 6 confidently apply the FISH acronym to help them work successfully through mathematical word problems. It was fantastic to see the progress Year 3 and Year 5 students made in the 2021 NAPLAN Online testing but also the student progress across the school.

In addition, the Early Years have been focusing on the development of oral language, pre-reading skills and targeted guided reading lessons to support reading and comprehension. Next year St Peter's will have an increased focus on reading across all year levels. More information will follow in 2022 and the explicit improvement agenda will be shared early Term 1.