2020 the Year to INSPIRE

This year we will be re-focusing on our Vision, Mission and Charisms as we strive to highlight and value what it is that makes our community special and unique. We are one of the very few school communities in which nearly all of our students (not yet our new ones) would be able to quote our Vision and Mission.

St Peter’s Vision:

  • Inspired by St Mary MacKillop, we Live Learning, in a community of Faith and Love.

St Peter’s Mission:

  • ​In the Catholic faith tradition and embodying the Gospel values of Freedom and Love, we will strive for Excellence in Learning and Teaching.

Our students are able to recite both of these critical belief statements due to a song they regularly sing at our Friday Prayer Assembly.

This year we intend to leverage off this unique capacity of our students to ensure our Vision and Mission is understood and ‘lived’ within our community. To bring it to life we have chosen the first word of our Vision- ‘Inspired’ to be our theme and touchstone for 2020. We will look at who Inspires us, share inspirational stories and explore how we can Inspire others as we strive to live out our Vision and Mission together this year.

We will also be revisiting our school motto- ‘In Christ We Achieve’ through whole school and class exploration.