Inspire 2020

As discussed at the Parent Information Evening, this year we will be having a focus on the first word of our school Vision.

Inspired by St Mary MacKillop we Live Learning in a comm​unity of Faith and Love.

2020 is the year to INSPIRE!

By definition, to Inspire someone is to fill them with an exalting influence or to make someone want to do something special. If we are INSPIRED by St Mary MacKillop, her example makes us want to do something special. This year, we will be re-visiting the life of St Mary MacKillop and considering what it is that we do differently because of her example to us. How are we INSPIRED by her? We will also be looking at the inspiring life stories of St Peter and Jesus. The life, stories and example of these three inspirational people create a unique charism for our community. It is their inspirational influence that guided our community to create our unique culture and values. It is our intention to reidentify these values through a community focus on these inspirational people throughout 2020.