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 2017 Strategic Goal Progress

- An Update on Progress Towards Achievement of 2017 Strategic Goals -
This year our Strategic Plan established a razor-sharp focus on student learning achievement. We established specific learning growth targets in Literacy which were supported by highly effective teaching strategies implemented consistently across the school. I am very proud to advise we have met and in many cases, exceeded these targets with still a term of learning and growth to come. This is very exciting news! Our students have demonstrated significant improvement in literacy areas reflected in our PM Benchmarks and NAPLAN results. Our staff and students should be very proud that their hard work and focussed commitment has reaped such outstanding results in such a short time. This success has fuelled our commitment to ‘stay the course’ and we are very excited about the future opportunities this will provide for our students. More detailed information regarding student learning data will be shared at the Parent Summit October 24.